Rape Threats on Exercising Free Speech? A No Woman’s Country!

I feel so frustrated and say this with so much hurt that mine is a no woman’s country. This is a country where an innocent woman who is just trying to make a mark for herself in her industry is being sent rape and murder threats for a harmless comment which was a part of her act. This is a country where the people threatening her have no iota of fear as they know they will easily get away with this. This is a country where men can make open sexual assault threats to shut women and nobody cares. This is a country where an inquiry is set up to take legal action against the woman whose standup comedy act seemed to have offended a certain group of people. While the man who made explicit threats to her and her family, and people who reportedly vandalised the cafe where the comic act took place, are walking free out in the open exercising their proper rights as citizens of this country. This is a country where that criminal-minded man apparently has got 30k+ followers on a social channel where he’s being cheered for a graphic-detailed threat video by his ‘so-called’ fans. This is insane and scares me to the core to think of how much support this monstrous act is receiving from the people who follow him. It was so disturbing that I could not watch more than few seconds of it, I wonder what impact the threat had had on the girl and her family.

The incident in question: A video from last year recently went viral. A part of a stand-up act by an Indian comedian, Agrima Joshua, where her premise based on an Indian historical leader’s (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) statue and material about some funny comments of random people over Quora has got some people blaming the comedian for allegedly insulting the long-dead historical leader. Joshua had to take off the video and issue an apology for hurting sentiments of certain people. I have seen the video and found that it does not make any derogatory remarks on the historical figure, or caste, faith or any group of people. It is just harmless political humor. Even if there was anything wrong about it (which isn’t), it DOES NOT warrant a rape threat. NOTHING DOES! Why do we have to remind people that they CANNOT violate and try to shut women.

The problem here is political jokes or creative liberty clearly doesn’t seem to fit in with the kind of diabolical people of this country. Some people in this country are either so ill-witted that they cannot understand a joke, or they are just proponents of barbaric violence against any opinion that is not exactly the same as theirs.

In a nation where free speech used to be one of the founding pillars, it is infuriating and disturbing to see what women have to go through for exercising their basic right. Where do we stand on free speech in this country? Or forget that, where do we stand on protecting our women from scums on earth? It is important to resurrect the understanding of basic rights of citizens in this country or it will be lost cause in no time.

Reader, Feminist, Digital Content Professional, Dreamer, Sucker for Good Music | In quest of making my existence worthwhile

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Sakshi Chaudhary

Sakshi Chaudhary

Reader, Feminist, Digital Content Professional, Dreamer, Sucker for Good Music | In quest of making my existence worthwhile

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